trip to carribean

trip to carribean


I am planning a trip to caribbean  in mid-january but did not plan on booking accomodation before I went.

Is it hard to get rooms at this time of year? Is it possible to get rooms on a day to day basis?

Any advice would be much appreciated. While searching the web I had came across ,but I am little confused is it safe to book hotels through the site.

Where to?

I would say it should be possible in January, however it may depend on where you want to go.

Defenitely not going to happen in December though.

The week after Thanksgiving

The week after Thanksgiving through to the 9th or so of December is actually a very slow period.  People have just had time off, are getting ready for the holidays, and it's too early for the Christmas crowd.

 What you may find is that there are rooms, but they will be very, very expensive.  If you are planning on staying in inexpensive places, make sure there are some to stay in.


Im going there sometime in

Im going there sometime in the next 2 years.

Hi this site could be of

Hi this site could be of help to you i suppose. flights, hotels, deals,... this one too..

If you have a solid plan

If you have a solid plan then I don't think so that you will be in need of a booking on day to day basis. If you buy a weekly or monthly package it will save you a lot of money.

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I've been to caribbean

I've been to caribbean many a times. It's such a nice place to spend vacations. Planning the tour like booking etc. is also very convenient as I use to do it through easyclicktravel. Its really helpful.




Two years ago I have been

Two years ago I have been in Barbados for a week. Amazing place to be. There no much roads to drive but we hired a car and explored whole Island! Paradise!

Low Budget Travel - Paradise Jamaica

For anyone interested in Jamaica for vacation I would first suggest that you not spend the ridiculous amount for all-inclusives, even though they tell you about the great savings. who is really going to eat and drink that much? Come on, and then you have to pay crazy amounts for the activities they offer. I suggest a nice bed & breakfast or hostel. There are pretty nice ones in the Ochi Rios area. I personally stayed at Paradise Jamaica (you can search for it online) and it was really nice. I mean nothing will really compare to thebig hotels, but when you are going on vacation you just want somewhere nice and comfortable to fall asleep. You will save sooooooo much by going this route, and have a chance to really experience what Jamaica has to offer, rather than the fakeness and pretending that goes on in some of those big hotels.

How long have you been in

How long have you been in this field? You seem to know a lot more than I do, I’d love to know your sources!