With the largest group of Americans (the baby boomers) retiring within the next decade, many will want to get as much or more with their money as when they were working. People are looking overseas to retire and invest their retirement capital. Places like Panama (no property taxes for 20 years) and other offshore nations will become more and more attractive. Panama is already showing signs of this progress. It has become a major banking capital in the region. This un-realized markets, and others are soon to explode.

Panama is the safest place in Central, South America and several institutions have positively ranked Panama among the highest for tourist safety. Panama has what has been considered to be the “World’s Best Incentive Program for Retirees”, according to modern maturity (AARP). The Panama Pensionado Visa Program, as it is called, offers retirees excellent tax holidays and dozens of moneysaving discounts.

Panama has beaches in both the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean, has rain forests and highlands, as well as lakes and many other landscapes for every taste. And everything at a very reasonable price!

The Balboa, the unit of currency, is at par with and equivalent to the U.S. dollar, which is the circulating medium. U.S. currency and coins and Panamanian coins are circulated freely at face value.

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I an wondering though. How

I an wondering though. How about stability. I know that many Americans have lost their property in Mexico due to changing laws. If such reforms happen in Panama and you have all your money invested there, you might get seriously screwed.

Just remember what happened in Bolivia.

Ecuador is another popular place for retiring people. It is also a stable nation, but I am always a little weary of changes in those countries.

What do you think?


Politically stable.

Panama is politically stable, its a democratic country and does not have any kind of issues regarding that.

As a foreign Citizen, you will have the exact same rights/laws as a Panamanian Citizen, so you can own a land outright without any problems.

 Panama is growing a lot in many aspects (commerce, residential projects, tourism, etc).

 There are projects for retirement in places like Boquete,  and Panamanian Government is helping in every possible aspect this growth, as the country is trying to build a destination profile for people who is traveling or investing.

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Thanks for the clarification Livia. I guess one needs to study the place in greater detail. I mean Mexico is a stable democratic country as well, but still Land owners got kicked out.

Thanks for the tip though.

Since I am still far far away from retirement, I'd be much more interested in traveling to Panama. Seems like I need to do that rather sooner then later. Once a country develops its mass tourism it becomes less attractive to me.


Do I need a Visa to travel to Panama? I have a German passport and as far as I know I won't need a visa for pretty much any Country in South America, but what about Central America?

From what I have read, you shouldn't fly COPA airlines (Panama based I think). I read a lot of bad reviews about them when I booked my Trip to Peru. On the up side they have dirt cheap flights to Panama City and most people were complaining about lost baggage during transfers (which wouldn't be the case if Panama is your destination).


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I agree...

Less exploited is more paradisaic ;)

but there Iwill always be places unexploited ( hope!!)




Citizens of Germany do not need a visa to Panama for a stay up to 30 days (extendable to 90 days at discretion of Immigration authorities).

I never had issues with COPA before, but if you're not going to make any transfers you shouldn't have any problems with gout baggage. It's absolutely not a 5 stars trip, but at least is not expensive. It works for me.



I spend a lot of time in

I spend a lot of time in Panama, beautiful country.

Real Estate Law

this link should result informative to you

It's about the Law 54 on protecting foreign investment in Panama:
Real Estate Laws Law 54 (Of July 22,1998) 

Sounds pretty good. I think

Sounds pretty good. I think this will put the country on the radar screen of many retirees.


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I visited Panama several

I visited Panama several years ago at the end of seven months of travel through Central America, and decided within days that this is where I would retire.  Well, I'm retired now, so I guess I was thinking of when I retire from traveling pretty much all the time.

In addition to all the above (and those senior discounts include half price hotel rooms), the country is geologically stable.  The Panama Canal was built there because of a long thin arch that was still standing in a church.  In the rest of Central America, all of the old Spanish buildings have low, thick arches because they needed to withstand earthquakes.  They aren't in the hurricane zone, either.