Going to the caribbean...which island is best?

Going to the caribbean...which island is best?

I am going to the caribbean beaches on july but i have not decided yet which islands to go to...I know that I will go to Aruba, Sain Marteen, and Saint Lucia, but I will like to add a few more...any suggest?

caribbean islands

having spent a week there years ago i am not a recent expert.
however, the experience we shared at Martinique beat all.

we got off a cruise ship and went to rent a car for the day.
the locals speak french, of course, as it is a frenchproperty.

we heard some people on ther ship who went back to the ship because the locals
were badmouthing the tourists. i thought hey, when are you going to be here again

we rented a car, drove the mountain toward the northern tip, went through the most amazing rainforest one can imagine. stopped at a mountain rest stop, asked for help in locating the bathroom. one guy was rude and encourage the other guy not to help us. the other guy was very nice and told us where to find it. we got to the toop, near the western side which was struck by a volcano (Pele or somethintg similar) and on the drive back down the mountain we went and saw the black ash beach, fantastic and very usable. we drove switchback through a mountain town, i got lost and a woman...local...who didn know us from adam, came running out with her arms waving, she saved us, as we were headed the wrong way down a one way steet. she didnt have to do that, she was just nice. later we went to the south side of the island and had the most amazing snorkeling experienxce, most amazing colours and quantity of fish one can imagine. then that evening we had a few margaritas at the centre of town, overlooking the most amazing sunset one can find. i woudl HIGHLy recommend Martinique, whether you speak a word of French or not, we didnt, and I would go back ther in a heartbeat. One place to avoid is Barbados. We had ataxi driver who, while seemingly nice, ended up cropping me out of tons of photos, and for no reason, except perhaps because he was going to show me up, though we were, and always are, respectful of the local people.
enjoy. a magical place. I would take apass on virgin islands (st johns) as we found a lot
of angry people there, but if you are into jewellry it is aparently the place.