Budget Airline to Central America

Budget Airline to Central America

Spirit has started flying to Central America.  I checked on a round-trip flight and there were no savings at all, but the one-way fare was great.  Spirit really just books one-ways, so a round trip is just two on-way tickets.  This is great for people who want to stay longer than the standard return ticket will allow.


I have serious doubts about booking one way tickets. Its one of those things that can land you on some no-fly list for no apparent reason (government terrorist craze). I guess if you book the two tickets together, there is no cause for concern.

If you buy a ticket to leave on a world trip and then buy a ticket from wherever you are until you finally buy a one way flight to the US you might get int trouble (don't know for sure, but strange things have happened). It also depends how you pay for those tickets.

This allegedly happened to Senator Ted Kennedy:

http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2004/04/06/terror/main610466.shtml wrote:

Another time, the spokesman says, Kennedy was tagged for extra screening under a security system that watches for such factors as a person buying a one-way ticket or paying with cash.

Problematic is that it took HIM several months to be taken off this list, whereas a normal person has no chance to ever be taken off. The data is stored for 40 years. 

COPA is another budget Airline of Central America. They operate out of Panama City and offer some of the cheapest flights to that region. I have read good and bad reviews about them. Seems like if you connect in Panama City to go somewhere else they might not be the best choice (some people report lost luggage), but if you fly to Panama anyways it might be the single best choice.



The budget airlines make

The budget airlines make you buy on-line with credit cards, which I think covers some of the concerns.  I think my ticket back from South America was one-way.  I've also purchased several round trip tickets and never used the return portion, which is supposed to cause problems and hasn't. 

A great site to book your

A great site to book your travel needs is lowfares.com. You can search many travel sites all in one page to compare and save. I used it to book my last trip to Central America.

Happy travels. 

airline tickets

I like to browse the cheap

I like to browse the cheap tickets in an online ticket company. They have a better price because  they can cut a lot of fees by doing the business online

You can also choose some

You can also choose some low budget airline but another thing you can do is choose the economy class of your flight. This will save you a lot of money for you to enjoy the trip.

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