Which country has the best wine?

Which country has the best wine?

Which country served you your nicest glass of wine?

France. What a fantastic

France. What a fantastic variety, and so cheap when you're there.

France and New Zealand

France and New Zealand have the best wine in the world. Even celebrities will travel all the way there just to buy a couple rare wines.

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Red Wine

I like the red wines of Australia, California, Chile and France. I mostly drink Chilenean wines. I believe South Africa has good Wines too.


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well i think Australia and

well i think Australia and Russia is best for a finest glass of wine. wooooo! i love wine.its good for heart disease also! 

Argentina. Everytime I

Argentina. Everytime I encounter some Malbec wine, I buy a couple bottles.

south africa does have the

south africa does have the best wine

I wouldn't lie if I said

I wouldn't lie if I said that the best wine I had was a French wine, of course, a Petrus, and I thought that the world was a river flowing in my mouth. You have got to try it, it is guaranteed that you will feel the same.

I think you are missing

I think you are missing Spanish wine.

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