Turned back at the Thai border

Turned back at the Thai border

I did a visa run to Thailand from Penang recently, and wasn't allowed to enter Thailand.  Due to the magic of visa math, the day I left Thailand counted as both my last day in Thailand and my first day in Malaysia.  Consequently, on my 90th and last legal day in Malaysia, I had only been out of Thailand 89 days, not 90.  Therefore, since I had done three 30-day entry stamps in Thailand, I didn't fit the '90 days out of 180' rule.  I thought I might since I really only spent 88 days in Thailand.  However, when I left Thailand for Myanmar and came back a couple of hours or a couple of minutes later, that day also counted as two days.

 As it turned out, it was inconvenient, but not serious, as Malaysia only cared that I was coming in and wasn't on their no-admit' list.  If I ever do it again, I probably won't even bother going into Thailand at all.

As a Thai ,I am also sad to

As a Thai ,I am also sad to hear that ,but in this time ,I can do nothing about this crime suppression law .

If you can not go to the border according to illness,disability,stress related to travel ,motion sickness ,asthma etc. (medical reason) you can have stamp in hospital and no need to go to border.


Not following

Are they counting days double?

So basically what you are saying is that you need to stay longer in another country before being able to return? 

Yes, even though they will

Yes, even though they will let you right back in, it might make more sense to stay overnight, so you don't use up two days (last and first).  It's really important to think about if you are making plane reservations and assume that two 30-day entries give you 60 days, when they only give you 59.