Myanmar Border Crossing

Myanmar Border Crossing


We have left the gorgeous island of Tioman, Malaysia, and are now attempting to make our way to Myanmar. With only our lonely planet to guide us we are not exactly certain if entering by land is feasible (or more importantly worthwhile). We would fly for the right price, but would prefer the opportunity to see all that southeastern Myanmar has to offer. Has anyone survived the land trek from the southern border (or northern for that matter), and is it recommended? Any advice sent our way will be doubly rewarded with golden treasures.

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It's possible to cross into

It's possible to cross into Myanmar by land, but this option is mainly used by people doing Thai visa runs (like the one I need to do Wednesday), or to shop in the duty free area opposite Mae Sai.

 Once you cross over the border you have to fly to Yangon.  You are not allowed to travel through Myanmar to get there.  If you are planning on entering in the South, the same things apply.  You really aren't allowed to travel around much.  Cross the border, and then catch a flight to Yangon, or return to Thailand with a new 90-day stamp.  And I think the internal flights are a bit dicey.

 Also, I don't believe you would be allowed to fly to Yangon unless you got a visa from a consulate in advance.  The ones at the border are, I think, restricted.