Walking in Atlas Mountains in Morocco Walking,trekking and hiking in morocco guide toubkal infos info imlil morocco

Walking in Atlas Mountains in Morocco Walking,trekking and hiking in morocco guide toubkal infos info imlil morocco

Morocco remains a largely unspoilt and undiscovered destination. It has much to commend it - wonderful countryside, historic cities, good food and the ways of life of its peoples, whether it is that of the lowlanders in the city medinas or the Berber nomads in the mountains of the Middle Atlas. It is also a vast country and the best way to explore it properly is with your own driver and car, which gives the flexibility to move from place to place at the pace that suits you. This wonderful trip includes prolonged stays in two fascinating cities, Fes and Marrakesh, in the unique comfort and style of Moroccan maisons d'hotes, traditional houses that have been modernised to the highest standards without sacrificing their charm and beauty (see descriptions overleaf). You will also spend four days walking in the Middle Atlas, among flowers and goatherds, where you will be the guests of Berber families. Local guides will show you Fes and Marrakesh, whilst a mountain guide will escort you on your walks.

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I am so glad that more people are now starting to show interest in exotic Middle Eastern countries like Morocco. I have been to the country a few times already and my Marrakech travels are among my treasured Moroccan experiences!

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Every town, village, or imperial City in Morocco has its own claim to fame – its own past, fables, folklore, and people that made their unique contributions to what the country is today. The high Atlas with it\'s snow-capped peaks, hidden valleys, and ancient Berber villages, have enticed hikers from all over the world. Now you can experience this extraordinary country in the best way possible - up close and personal. trekking and walking holidays in Morocco Be prepared for an extraordinary journey! The High Atlas is the biggest mountain range in North Africa. It offers extremely impressive mountain biking, hiking trails and mountain photography. High peaks force the clouds to give high quantities of rainfall; therefore the High Atlas has many fertile valleys surrounded by rivers and waterfalls; in summer when the weather is exhausting, ourika valley is a good escape at only one hour drive from Marrakesh. Setti Fatma is at the end of the Ourika Valley; It has seven beautiful waterfalls, breathtaking views and mountain trails that require a pair of good hiking shoes.. It\'s a breathtaking sight that cannot be missed! Mainly when it\'s combined with a visit of a Berber family in traditional house and a camel ride visit of a tradition Moroccan house, to see how do people live and how they cook… from the roof of the house you have a beautiful view on a 17th century village and on the valley. hiking for two hours to see some waterfalls (cascades) see sunset from over the dunes of merzouga, erg chebbi or mhamid zagoura

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