Should i rent a car for two weeks in South Africa ?

Should i rent a car for two weeks in South Africa ?


 i am going to South Africa in October, for two weeks. I really want to move around ( Cape town, Jo'burg, Garden Road, and if i have enough time Mozambique..). I am not sure yet but i will probably rent a car...The question is with which company ? A friend of mine talked to me about drivesouthafrica ...But i have not idea what are the good prices and what i should do. Could someone tell me if they have good price ( here is the link )  or give other names of good Car Rental companies


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Drivesouthafrica is pretty good, and not that expensive. If you want to rent for 14 days a car, it will cost you about $20 a day, so two weeks means $400. They also offer 4x4 rentals, but they are rather expensive. If this helps, please note that 1 South African Rand = 0.13 USD.

Great idea to rent a car -

Great idea to rent a car - you'll be able to see so much more and go at your own pace.  Just be a little bit careful in the big cities.  outside of the big cities you'll be able to really take your time, and see places you'd never see if you were on a bus! 

Kind regards Olly Symonds

Sounds like a great idea!

Sounds like a great idea! but you may want to get insurance and be careful- car theft in latin america is very common. happy travels!

Shouldn't the Car Rental

Shouldn't the Car Rental place have insurance on all their vehicles? You should have an International drivers license if anything and that would be all you need. It's not up to you to insure the car no matter how long you rent it for. The car hire in chania I used was insured and I rented for 3 weeks for my entire vacation.

Hi, I am also looking at

Hi, I am also looking at travelling to SA on Honeymoon. I have compared a few of the usual Car Rental sites but found one by chance which has proven the best for price in most categories on car. Do you have a confirmed itinerary? If so would you mind sharing with me please? I would also appreciate some guidance. Much appreciated.

It will be cost effective

It will be cost effective than hiring a taxi cab from every point. the insurance is just something you need to give attention to.

Can a South African drive

Can a South African drive in the UK on a South African drivers licence?

Rental car

Renting a car, especially when you are abroad, is a good solution for travellers.

You won't need to worry about transportations, or buying a car, paying insurance or even to claim for insurance if you had an accident.

Once you arrive, You need to check for Cheap Rental Cars , pick a good one & you are ready to hit the road.

Hi thank your posting

Hi thank your posting. yes your friend has given you a name for rent a car service but from knowing the best price you have to be there. That is like when you will go to the South Africa and you will must stay at hotel. So I think you could get the real information about the rent a car service from the local people. They can give you the best idea about price.

Rent a car

If you are planning for a long trip then it is advisable to rent a car. It is also advisable to hire a car always from a reputed and reliable company. To make your trip more comfortable, car rent is the right choice.


Not quite... You must apply for a provisory license until you take the real test and then you will have a UK driver's license.

They should definitely have

They should definitely have one.

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