What are those points at the top?  I seem to collect a lot of them, but I don't know what they are for.


I am not sure yet what I will use them for. So far you get points for certain things and I may decide to give out little prizes at some point in time to people with lots of points or give them admin rights or other things I don't know yet. Currently you are just collecting points without much of a meaning.

So, I can be confident that

So, I can be confident that I am rapidly earning credit toward something, a mystery prize?  That's kind of neat!

Something like that

Yeah, but I am not sure what, how and why so I haven't made it public.

I just figured I would give my most loyal posters some prize.

Well I am new and I also

Well I am new and I also found that I am getting points for evry topics and posts. I am not sure about point system but topic give me more points.

What's use of those points?