road trip: Las Vegas > Los Angeles

road trip: Las Vegas > Los Angeles

planing a road trip starting in LV ending in LA end of May.

 Has anyone interesting suggestions and reccomendations and advices.
anything we should visit, or not visit. insider tips of great travellers are welcomed.


Start by checking out my Road Trip Planner I posted a while ago. It should be very useful especially if you are not from the US.

I would go to Grand Canyon and possibly Antelope Canyon as well as Horseshoe Bend if you have the time. Once you are in the area (Page, Arizona) you might as well check out the Glen Canyon Dam. I realize that they are not on direct route from Vegas to L.A. but its a relatively small detour and there are lots of things to see. If you chose not to, check out Hover Dam (near Vegas).

On your way to L.A. you will also come through many of the great Deserts.

Here is my Deserts Gallery

If you don't mind a little detour, I recommend doing Death Valley first (might be very hot in Summer though) and then head south to Joshua Tree and Anza Borrego Desert. From there you can head west towards San Diego  (my second favorite city).

Near L.A. (when you drive north from San Diego), you can check out some Missions (Photos coming soon). Among all missions on route to L.A. San Juan Capistrano is my favorite. 

Let me know if you need help finding any of the places (I should have GPS coordinates for most of them).


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Do you have to go to L.A. or is that still open to debate?

How much time do you have? 

thanks andre,  very

thanks andre, 

very useful. i leave in NY and have bee out west on other roadtrips. arizona> new mexico. but this one is missing. so your detailed info's are very useful. will check everything out and if i have more qeustion i will contact you. You seemed very well prepared on the subject.
Yes i have to go to LA.

Yes i have to go to LA. that is very i need to be for my later part of the trip. LA i am familiar with.

so anything between there and LV are useful recomendations
Hello Bettina

Some of the things I have recommended will actually mean quite a detour.

Depending on how much time you want to spend, you can either skip certain things or even add some more. A trip to Death Valley takes a lot of time, since it is simply huge. It is also beautiful and the sunsets can be spectacular.

I also like the area North of L.A. in case you have a little bit of time once you are there.

Santa Barbara is simply beautiful and not too far from Santa Barbara, I recently discovered Solvang. Thats a Danish style village with windmills, timber-framed buildings and anoter mission (Santa Ines I believe). I love to visit the Californa Missions, they are beautiful and historic. However it might be too far north (I was on route from Santa Barbara home).

Between San Diego and L.A. you can find La Jolla. Its a beautiful relaxed town with nice beaches and good restaurants. You can drive along the coast highway and find a nice place to relax.

From San Diego it is only a few minutes to Mexico. Since I am not particulary interested in that part of Mexico, I have never crossed the border there.

Don't hesitate to send some more questions.


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road trip: Las Vegas > Los Angeles

If you're nervous about the traffic congestion in L.A., check out the book "Survive the Drive."

 Fantastic destination. I

Fantastic destination. I would also choose Grand canyon instead. The best scene you can see.

Awesome entry! I don't

Awesome entry!

I don't mean to disappoint you, but you're almost certainly thinking of The Kings Of Leon. If you're not, then never mind... but they're really popular over here in the UK, and not in their home country.Otherwise, that's really cool. Makes me want to spend more than 1 hour in LA next time :)

San Diego and L.A.

Help please...

We have to cover quite a large area and only have 2 and a half weeks in the States, does anyone know how long the journeys take?

If you have the time,

If you have the time, definitely see the Grand Canyon.  A shorter side trip is the Calico Ghost Town by Barstow (about a 15 minute drive).  It's a historic silver mining town and many of the original
structures still stand and other were
reconstructed.  It's fun trip - they have shows and music, food, etc.  There is a small charge--about $5 as I recall.

Lv to la

Me and 3 of my friends (all female) are planning to do the above trip. Do you think it's possible in 8-9 days.

We were thinking of staying in Vegas for 2 nights and then 1 night somewhere in between. Then Hollywood/ Beverley hills for a few nights and lastly a good beach (can u recommend one) for the remiander of the stay.

Would you recommend anywhere else.

Can u please recommend places to visit and attractions to see. We are all 30. We were also thinking of going to see the grand canyon and maybe do some white water rafting.

We are a bit confused as there seems to be 2 las Vegas ..

What sites would you recommend . And where wud u recommend we stay.


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