Will my email be safe?

Absolutely. We are not giving away your email address to anyone. We would rather choose to close this site instead of giving away a single email address. You will not receive any emails from us, except for password recovery or if we change our Terms and Conditions.

Later you will have the option to sign up for a newsletter.

Why should i contribute?

  • How about doing something nice for free?
  • If we are able to find sponsors, we will have contests. Every article you enter could win at any time in the future.
  • You can add your website url to the end of your article and get inbound links for every article you write.
  • I't is fun. Instead of emailing a report to a friend and giving them travel advice, post it here and send them the link. This way so many more of us can enjoy your report.

How many pictures do you require for your articles?

Even though we would like you to show some pictures in your articles to give our readers a better idea of the location, we do not require any pictures.

There is no category that fits my submission.

You can either select "Uncategorized" and let us add the category later, or let us know the category you wish to be added before submitting your page. We prefer the latter, as your content will show up in the proper category right away.

What is the minimum amount of words required?

We enforce a minimum amount of 150 words for a travel guide page. An average page in word is already 600 words. The Article on Yosemite is about 3500 words long. Forum Topics and Comments have to be at least 10 words long.

Do you require specific sections or writing style?

No. We would like to give you the ultimate freedom in choosing how to present your Travel Guide Page.

I am not a good writer, should I contribute?

Absolutely. We find that many travel books today are written in a rather boring style. We would like to encourage you to tell us about your personal experience.

There is already an article about my location?

If you have to add something to an existing article, use the comment function. Alternatively you can simply submit a second article, just give it a different title (e.g. Yosemite, Base Jumping in Yosemite, Yosemite during a Winter Storm).

What kind of quality control do you use?

We strongly believe, that our writers will show to be responsible and choose not to post any offensive content. When you submit your content it will be online immediately. After a short screening we will put it on the front page. We have implemented a reating system that lets other users rate your contribution. If you are going to put your URL underneath your article, your surely want a good rating.
We are using several systems to prevent automatic submission of content and a very loose word filter. This will help keep spam away from this page.

Repeated offenders will be banned forever.

The text area looks funny?

This happens sometimes when editing html code directly in Internet Explorer. Just hit the preview button at the bottom of the page and wait a few seconds.

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Use the Contact US button at the top right. We will gladly assist you in your submission.

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We receive a lot of spam posts in our forum that we delete as soon as we see them.

You may use urls in your signature and you can also post links to your website. All this is NOT considered spam.

We will remove spam as soon as we are aware of it.

Great FAQ's, also meaby you

Great FAQ's, also meaby you should use some of that stuff in your rules? Unless its allready there. By the way where is the rule page?


Can I change my password????


thailandtraveller wrote:
Can I change my password????

Yes, you can. Just log in, go to 'my account' in the left column and then choose 'edit'. There you will see the heading 'Password" Just type your new password in both fields. And that's it!

Some of my post didnt show

Some of my post didnt show my sign link. What should I do? 

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Now your links are

Now your links are showing.

BlueT wrote: Some of my

BlueT wrote:

Some of my post didnt show my sign link. What should I do? 

Since your link text was longer than some of your posts, I simply deleted them. You can avoid this by:


  •  Use a signature instead of posting links directly into your post, so that they won't show up in other peoples quotes.
  • Keep the post text to signature reasonable. If you don't have something to add, don't stuff posts with your links.


I'm using the signature

I'm using the signature mode, and when I type something, the link just appear in the comment box. How can I make it appear now? And I never made post shorter than my link. Please recheck it. You can check all of my posts and you can check my signature too. Its only one short sentence. I never type it manually, I use the signature option.

Thanks for your help 

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What are points for?

What does points in our left side mean? can we get cool prizes? 


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