Tips to Make your Next Flight a Smooth One

Exactly how stressful and irritating your flight will be depends, in many ways, on how you prepare for your flight before you board the plane. Flying can be stressful and irritating. The jostling motions, the often-crowded seats and the simple stress of being suspended thousands of feet in the air are enough to aggravate anyone.

Here are some ideas to make things go smoothly, minimize stress and hassles, and help create a more pleasant, relaxing flight experience.

Get the Best Prices

Well before you plan to take your flight, do some serious comparison shopping online with various airline ticket broker websites. There are tons of them, and some are very good with strong reputations. You can likely save a good deal of money if you take the time to shop around.

 (Once you've found a price you like, go ahead and book the flight as soon as possible so that you'll be more likely to get the flight you want. Sometimes even a day's delay can double prices and shrink seat availability.) Knowing that you didn't spend a small fortune on your tickets can take some stress out of your flight.

Consider Flight Insurance

There are a variety of types of flight insurance available. There is flight cancellation and interruption insurance, which allows you to be reimbursed for food and lodging if there's a problem with your flight.  There is also accident insurance, which offers you peace of mind, knowing that your family or your medical needs will be cared for in the event of an accident.

Minimize the effects of Jet Lag

You may not be able to completely eliminate jet lag, especially if you’re crossing several time zones.  Still, there are some things you can do to reduce the occurrence of jet lag.  You can start by eating healthy, staying hydrated, exercising regularly, and keeping a regular sleep schedule in the days leading up to your flight.

Bring the Right Stuff

Make sure you have all of your necessary identification, such as passports and driver’s licenses before you head to the airport. Be sure to bring enough cash for minor expenses and at least one credit card. Make certain that you have all the money you need to buy what you need.

Bring earplugs and a good, long book. If fellow passengers are noisy or irritating, you can tune them out, and maybe even get a good nap.

Enjoy the Layover

If you have a layover, take advantage of the amenities the airport offers.  Buy a magazine, browse the Internet with a wireless connection, or enjoy an adult beverage.  Try not to have too short of a layover, if possible, as this could cause you to miss your next flight.

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