AnnapolisAnnapolisAnnapolis is the Capital City of the State of Maryland. The historic town served as the temporary capital of the United States from 1783 to 1784, and was even suggested as the permanent capital by none less than George Washington.

Major Annapolis attractions:

Annapolis Maritime Museum

The Annapolis Maritime Museum is dedicated to the history of boat building and its contribution to the local watermen's harvest of food. Exhibits include maps, photographs, and documents that record the days when Chesapeake Bay was on of the few reliable food sources for indigenous Indians, and the settlers that followed.

William Paca HouseWilliam Paca HouseWilliam Paca House

The historic building known as William Paca House was once home to a wealthy young planter who added his signature to the American Declaration of Independence. The two acre multi-terraced gardens benefit from a fish-shaped pond and wilderness area, while inside a fine collection of antique silver, furniture, and decorative art waits to be admired.

Banneker Douglas Museum

The Banneker Douglas Museum is a Black Heritage Site paying tribute to Maryland's African European heritage through historic photographs and other artifacts.

Chesapeake Children's Museum

The Chesapeake Children's Museum provides intergenerational learning opportunities including live animal exhibits, a replica of the human body, a construction zone, visual art workspace, and an area for theatrical performances. Outdoor botanic displays include a herb garden as well as nature trails through surrounding woodlands and up Blueberry Hill.

Maryland State CapitolMaryland State CapitolMaryland State Capitol

The historic Maryland State Capitol is the oldest legislative building still in use in the United States. The huge wooden dome that was built without the use of nails is the oldest and largest in the country, while the original interior is crafted in wood and ornate stucco plaster. Early twentieth century additions feature Italianate marble walls and soaring columns.

Maryland Hall

Maryland Hall is a multi-purpose arts center that hosts symphonic, choral, operatic, and ballet performances, as well as rock, folk, and pop concerts, musical theatre productions, and dance troupes. Local and regional artists are encouraged to exhibit their work in the indoor galleries and outdoor sculpture exhibition area.

There is a great deal more to Maryland than a fine wooden dome that keeps its legislators dry on rainy days – adults and children alike will indeed find much more of interest to explore.