Saquisili indian marketSaquisili indian marketEcuador is a small country in South America. Despite its small size, Ecuador has many attractions, ranging from active volcanoes and hot springs to rainforest reserves, Amerindian markets and pacific coast beaches.

Ecuador derives its name from the fact that the Equator runs through its capitol city of Quito. Old Quito's colonial Spanish architecture attracts many visitors the city that is now a World Heritage site.

Quito's central location makes it the perfect home base for a number of excursions into the mountains and rainforests. At about 9000 feet or 2850 meters, Quito is the second highest capital in the world, after La Paz, Bolivia.

One of the most prominent attractions is the Galapagos Islands National Park. The Galapagos have been made famous by Charles Darwin who studied his theory of evolution here. The Islands lie about 600 miles (950 km) off the coast of Ecuador and are best reached by air.

Things to do in Ecuador

  • Scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands National Park
  • Ride the roof of the Devil's Nose train through Ecuador's Spectacular Landscape (pay attention to the conductor warning you of dangers)
  • Surfing at Canoa
  • Drink Chicha
  • Re-trace Darwin's footsteps and see unique species on a Galapagos Cruise
  • Get a headache from the altitude