An Island Paradise called Boracay

BoracayBoracayIt's the best beach destination in the world. Earthly paradise. Tropical heaven. These describe the small but astonishingly beautiful island called Boracay.

Located on the northwestern end of Panay Island, Boracay is a dumbbell-shaped island that is only seven kilometers long and one kilometer wide at its narrowest tip. The terrain of this 1,083 hectare-island is fairly flat with its highest point at a mere 100 meters, with beaches fringed with coconut trees, tropical palms and flowering plants, its hills covered with coconut grove, lush vegetation of shrubs, wild vines, and trees barely camouflaging caves inhabited by bats.

Boracay's tours de force are its beaches – there are 30 of them – ranging from an almost four-kilometer stretch of white powdery sand that does not burn under the blazing sun, to a kilometer-long beach of gold sand speckled with tiny puka shells, and to largely untamed and less visited strips that ardent windsurfers favor because of sweeping winds. These beaches are dotted with more than 200 resorts, hotels, and many restaurants and bars offering culinary fare as diverse as the nationalities of the island visitors: American, French, Chinese, Australian, Belgian, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Korean and Thai and, of course, the native cuisine.

Boracay is paradise for certified sun-worshippers all over the world. In fact, local and foreign tourists have made Boracay their yearly destination while others have chosen to live in this tropical island haven to do nothing but dip in its crystal clear waters that change colors from shimmering blue to deep emerald to the bright yellow-orange-red-and­ violet hues of sunset; or walk around very leisurely and try making footprints on the white powdery sand; or, with some cocktails, a glass of wine in hand, stroll on moonlit nights to watch the glimmering sea.

There is also time for adventures at sea, exploring any or all of the 20 official dive sites in and around the island, go kayaking, speed sailing or longboard cruising and for harnessing the wind by wind surfing and parachuting. There are plenty to do on land, too, like trekking, mountain or motor biking, exploring caves, horseback riding or golfing.

Then, after all the physical activities, it is time to give in to the worldly pleasures derived only from a well-appointed spa or even from the masseurs all ready to give a good rub right there on the beach.
Nightlife? No problem in Boracay. From dusk to dawn, the island turns into one big party place where everyone is welcome to join in the fun!