Coral Tree FlowersCoral Tree FlowersPolokwane, previously known as Pietersburg, is the Capital City of Limpopo Province and the cultural center of a region that stretches between Pretoria and the Zimbabwean border. It is a city graced by wide streets, green open spaces and in summer is a colorful mix of orange flowered coral trees and purple flowered jacarandas.

The City is graced by the forty-six thousand seater Peter Mokoba Stadium that was developed for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and is still the only world class sports venue in the province. It is named after a controversial anti-apartheid activist born in the area.

Sites of interest in and around Polokwane include:

Bakone Malapa Museum

The Bakone Malapa Museum is a reconstructed village built in the same style the indigenous peoples used 200 years ago, and where visitors are enlightened by traditional practices. Two homesteads display and explain maize grinding, beer making and fire lighting, and there are ongoing demonstrations of beadwork, pottery making and basketwork.

Vervet MonkeyVervet MonkeyMakapansgat Valley

The Makapansgat Valley is an area of outstanding beauty that is home to caves containing the remains of fossils dating back to over 3 million years when the area was a green tropical paradise. It still abounds with baboons and vervet monkeys, and at night, galagos and bush babies come out to play among the varied plants and flying insects that are their diet.

Modjadji Cycad Reserve

The Modjadji Cycad Reserve in the Bolobedu District of Lebowa is near the sacred home of the fabled Rain Queen and boasts some of the oldest, largest, and rarest cycads on the planet. It contains a fascinating population of other plants that form a unique natural forest in pristine condition thanks to the attention of the Rain Queens who are the traditional rulers of the area.

Wolkberg Wilderness Area

The Wolkberg Wilderness Area is a hiker's paradise. A dramatic twenty two thousand hectare area, it presents an unending series of opportunities to challenge nature armed only with boots and walking stick. It can also be a daunting place and is really only recommended for the strong and brave who are prepared to challenge the cliffs and deep forested ravines to be rewarded by some of the most stupendous views South Africa has to offer.

White RhinoWhite RhinoPolokwane Game Reserve

The Polokwane Game Reserve includes a twenty kilometer long hiking trail with overnight accommodation through an area populated by 21 species of game including the rare white rhino.

Zion City

Zion City in Moria near Polokwane is the headquarters of the indigenous Zion Christian Church that hosts two festivals a year when several million of its followers converge from the four corners of South Africa. It is the only church in South Africa not established by evangelists from abroad.

Polokwane is a stunning place of great natural beauty that has remained largely unspoiled on account of its remoteness from the great industrial hubs of South Africa. It offers a number of superb attractions that make it a must-see, yet it is still often overlooked as a tourist destination.

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The Bakone Malapa Museum is

The Bakone Malapa Museum is a reconstructed gclub village built in the same style the indigenous peoples used 200 years ago.