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A Travel Guide is a collaborative writing effort: users can collaborate writing the pages of the Guide, and reviewing or modifying pages previously written.
So when you have some Travel Information to share, please consider writing a Page so we can all benefit.

Start by finding the appropriate place to put your guide (e.g. the country it belongs to). At the bottom of that page (e.g. country), you will find a button that looks like this:

Add Child Button 

This will automatically add a sub-page and create the appropritate links on the main page.

Alternatively you can edit any page on this site by using the edit button above each article.

You need to be logged in in order to perform any editing.

You can write the text in word, using Headings and Paragraphs and Paste it into our Editor. Then upload the pictures and insert them into your post. There is no need to shrink the pictures, it will be done on our server automatically. The larger file sizes can then be browsed in our galleries.

A minimum of 150 Word is enforced (an average page in Word is about 600 Words). 

Here is an example of a Travel Guide Page: Yosemite

Please check out our Help Page to get started.

Update: At this moment we are also taking submissions via email. Contact Us here if you prefer this method. 

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 As the name says. Contribute in our discussions.